The frontman of the New York-based heavy metal band Twisted Sister, Dee Snider, has corrected the popular belief about him and Rush’s Geddy Lee while responding to one of his fans’ Hanukkah song demand for the next Christmas.

The iconic vocalist Dee Snider, who teamed up with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale for a thorough rock ‘n roll rendition of the Snider-penned holiday classic, ‘The Magic Of Christmas Day,’ a few weeks ago, has come up with a confession during a Christmas song conversation on Twitter.

An independent sound studio called, ‘Badlands Sound,’ has referred to the unforgettable Twisted Sister record, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ while mentioning their own Christian podcasts. Snider has commented on the studio’s tweet by saying it’s a perfect Christmas rock song for the audience.

By the way of the ‘Christmas rock song’ topic, a fan of Snider has conveyed his request for a Hanukkah song from Dee Snider and Geddy Lee. Dee has immediately responded to his fan who believes in the long-time misinformation that Snider is Jewish.

The metal legend said that a Hanukkah song would be better handled by an artist who is actually Jewish. He revealed the fact that he’s just believed to be Jewish, which he is not. Snider also prevented a possible misunderstanding that would be interpreted from his words right away by indicating in the hashtags that there’s nothing wrong with being Jewish.

Here’s what the Badlands Sound said in their tweet about the Twisted Sister song, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’:

“Hey! I will give this a listen today, I edit other Christian podcasts and make them sound great – if you ever need help I’d love to work with you! :)”

Dee Snider responded as:

“It’s a perfect Christmas rock song for your audience!”

A fan of Snider commented by saying:

“Maybe next year a Hanukkah song? Spinning the Metal Dreidel? You and Geddy Lee.”

Dee answered his fan’s question as:

“I think that’s better handled by an artist is actually Jewish. I’m just believed to be Jewish… Which I am not.”

Later on, the other fan criticized the tweet which was sent by the first fan:

“Holy crap dude, this guy really knows absolutely nothing about Geddy Lee or RUSH, does he? Just wow!”

Dee Snider responded:

I was talking about me, idiot. I know Geddy is Jewish.”

You can see the tweets below.