Dee Snider, widely known for being the lead singer of Twisted Sister, shared a post on his official Instagram page and celebrated his and his wife’s wedding anniversary and referred to himself as a monster.

Dee Snider has been married to his wife costume designer Suzette since 1981. They have four lovely children Jesse Blaze Snider, Shane Royal Snider, Cody Blue Snider, and Cheyenne Jean Snider. Snider also has four grandchildren.

Snider often shares beautiful pictures of himself and Suzette on his official Instagram page since he loves to show his love for his wife when he has the chance. When there is a special day, such as Mother’s day, he always shares a picture and refers to her as the love of his life.

There was no surprise when Dee Snider shared a picture for their 39th wedding anniversary with an emotional and genuine message to his wife. Snider stated that Suzette and he have been together for nearly a half-century and while he called his wife, once again, the love of his wife, he humorously called himself a monster.

Here is Snider’s romantic message:

“Happy 39th wedding anniversary to the one true love of my life, SUZETTE! She has been the woman behind this monster for 44 years!

I love you, forever. (BTW this photo was taken in January of 2020.)”

You can see the Instagram post below.