In his recent tweet, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider revealed that he wrote a Christmas song sung by Celine Dion after a follower thanked him for the track.

The widely known pop and soft rock musician Celine Dion released her sixth English-language studio album entitled ‘These Are Special Times’ on October 30, 1998. It was a Christmas special album, and Dion collaborated with many musicians and songwriters such as Jay Johnson, Bill Hayes, and Dee Snider.

Dee Snider contributed to the record with ‘The Magic of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)’ which he had written a gift for his wife, Suzette Snider. As it turns out, initially, Snider wasn’t planning to write a song for Celine Dion’s album, but after Dion listened to it, she wanted to include it in her project.

Recently, one of his fans shared his gratitude for the song with Twisted Sister frontman on Twitter. Thus, Snider highlighted that they should thank his wife Suzette as she wanted him to write a Christmas song. The musician revealed that he initially found the idea crazy, but he was glad it became part of Celine Dion’s famous album.

Here’s what a fan wrote:

“Dee, did I ever thank you for writing ‘The Magic of Christmas Day (God Bless Us, Everyone)?’ Such a meaningful song, especially in these times. Well, Thank you!”

Snider answered the fan, saying:

“Thank Suzette Snider. She asked me to write her a Christmas song (I told her she was crazy), and I found inspiration. I gave it to her as a gift with no intention of ever releasing it commercially. Then Celine Dion heard it.”

You can check out the tweets and the songs below.