Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider had a recent conversation with his followers on Twitter and recalled the band members of the supergroup he founded in the late ’80s.

Twisted Sister frontman is one of the most active social media users of the music scene and he often responds to the questions of his fan base. Recently, he had a conversation about the meaning of the term ‘super group‘ and shared the details of the one he started about thirty years ago.

In the conversation he had, a follower of Dee asked whether he would consider being a member of a supergroup if he had an opportunity. Dee was also was asked would he form a supergroup if he could choose the members without caring about their genres.

Dee responded to the question by admitting he already founded a supergroup many years ago. According to Dee, the members of the supergroup were Clive Burr from Iron Maiden, Bernie Torme from Gillan & Ozzie, Marc Russell of Widowmaker, and Dee himself.

A follower of Snider asked:

“Would you consider being a member of a supergroup if the opportunity presented itself? Do you see a supergroup as Rock, metal, or something else?

Would you form a supergroup if you could choose the members regardless if they’re rock, metal, soft rock, or old school like the early 70s?”

Dee Snider responded:

“I kind of formed one in the late 80’s with my band Desperado. Me, Clive Burr from Iron Maiden & Bernie Torme from Gillan & Ozzie. I looked for a famous bass player but went with talent over pedigree with the great Marc Russell who went on to play with my band Widowmaker as well.”

You may check out the tweet below.