The legendary frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider made a small question and answer session on Twitter, and revealed some interesting details and stories about several Twister Sister songs which written by himself.

A fan named Shanna Hamm tagged Dee, and wrote:

“Name the @deesnider song that speaks to you the most and why…go.”

Another fan named

“Stay Hungry” from his Twisted Sister days, and “All Things Must Change” off of the second Widowmaker album is the best song he has ever written.”

Dee responded:

“My songs are sometime very personal, trying to share feelings that too often we keep to ourselves. I was going through a rough time when I wrote All Things Must Change. So much was slipping away. Glad you got its truth.”

Then, Kim Lusk said:

“Its tie for me between “The Price” and “I Wanna Rock”. Both have special meaning. Heard the price in my head the first time I stepped out on a major stage. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of that opening line, “How long I have wanted…” “

Dee responded again:

“The Price is one of those songs that continues to have meaning to me as life goes on and I change. I thought I knew what I was singing about when I wrote it. Life has taught me that I didn’t know shit. :)”

Check out the tweets below.