Twisted Sister‘s legendary frontman Dee Snider responded to a viral video of anti-maskers on Twitter claiming these people were using his song without any permission since he wasn’t supporting their ‘moronic cause.’

Since very first days of the global spread of coronavirus, there has been a disagreement among many people about the issue of wearing masks. Although the authorities strongly recommend people to wear masks in public, there are still many people who consider this as a ‘fear propaganda‘ by the governments.

As you may know, the iconic Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider has been showing his support for the necessary measurements taken by the officials. Snider often warns these people who refuse to wear masks and critizices them for putting other people’s life in danger.

Recently, the video of anti-mask protestors walking in a Target store in Florida went viral on Twitter. As you will see in the video below, the anti-maskers were using the famous Twisted Sister song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It‘ to grab the attention of the shoppers for their protest.

However, Dee Snider reacted to the video soon by claming these ‘selfish assholes‘ were using his song without getting any permisson or blessing from him. As he is an advocate of wearing masks, Snider got furious seeing these anit-maskers singing his song and urged them to ‘cut the shit.’

Here’s how Dee Snider reacted to the video of anti-maskers in a Florida store:

“No…these selfish assholes do not have my permission or blessing to use my song for their moronic cause. #cuttheshit”

You can see the tweet posted by Dee Snider on Twitter below.