Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider made an appearance on Metal Godz Radio and claimed that all the people who are opposed to getting vaccinated will be dead by 2022.

With the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic two years ago, the world has been experiencing a chaotic atmosphere. The distribution of the first vaccines to protect people against the new virus started only a year after the outbreak of COVID-19. However, this good news didn’t bring an end to the chaos. Instead, conspiracy theories began to spread worldwide.

Known as the anti-vaxxers, some people believe that these vaccines are actually no good for human health. Some also claim they don’t have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and argue that vaccination requirements violate human rights. 

Talking about the anti-vaxxers in an interview by Metal Godz Radio, Dee Snider said he is pro-vaccine and believes that COVID is real. The musician then said he estimates that all the anti-vaxxers will be dead by 2022. Moreover, Snider claimed that as a result, the world will be full of intelligent people who believe in science.

Revealing his opinions on anti-vaxxers, Dee Snider said in the interview that:

“I’m pro-vax; the COVID is real. My biggest joy right now is that by 2022, I figure all the anti-vaxxers will have died. So, we will be left with a world of intelligent people who believe in science. How about that? Do I have an opinion? You do not want to go down this road with Dee Snider because I am as strong and as fearless as a gun carrier.”

You can check out the full interview below.