Dee Snider, the frontman of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister, has unveiled his wish which is related to the legendary musician and actor, Alice Cooper, while answering the questions of his fans on Twitter.

During a Q&A-like session on Twitter, Dee Snider has shown his utmost admiration and love of Alice Cooper again. As you may recall, Snider has posted a picture of himself taken on stage with Cooper lately on Instagram.

Calling Alice Cooper his hero, Dee explained in the caption of the post that it was the moment when his childhood dream came true. Joined Cooper on stage to perform the song, ‘School’s Out,’ at Riverside Open Air Aarburg in Switzerland, Dee said that Alice gave him his top hat at the end of the show.

Recently, Snider has revealed one of his desires about Cooper as he answered the question of his fan. He was asked what heavy metal icon would he want to be his dad. Dee Snider, highly expectably, responded to this tweet by pointing out Alice Cooper.

Here is what a fan, whose name is Dave, asked to Dee:

“Since it’s fathers day, what heavy metal icon would you want to be your dad. I nominate Lemmy.”

Snider responded as:

Alice Cooper.”

You can see the tweets below.