On Twitter, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider showed his support for the Guns N’ Roses icon Axl Rose who criticized the Trump administration for being an open threat to the democracy in United States.

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose has been showing his reaction against the actions of the current president Donald Trump often on social media. Last week, Axl also lashed out at the media companies who had been using some fake information to manipulate people. However, the supporters of Donald Trump gave Axl a hard time via their comments on Twitter.

A few days ago, Axl wrote a long statement to defend his right to talk about what he believed was right and responded to those who criticized him.

“My disdain for our current administration and what I perceive as it’s a threat to our democracy is no secret. I’m not all that active with social media and tho I more than appreciate anyone who takes an interest in something I might post I don’t really have an interest in how many followers or retweets etc. I have as my political or social issue posts aren’t about me. They’re about the issues.

In general my posts in regard to current events, politics or social issues are usually coming from a sense of outrage, obligation, and responsibility to say something at times when I feel not to is being complicit. I’m nobody, just a citizen that like everyone else has my own opinions and believes in my heart that ultimately I want what’s best for not just r country but for humanity, wildlife, and our environment and other’s as opposed to right, left or any other wing fascism r at least in this country free to disagree.

So for me when I feel someone in this administration for example or perhaps media, in entertainment or the public says or does something that in my view supports or caters to the irresponsibility of this administration or various issues with government or law enforcement I may voice an opinion. Perhaps a strong or perhaps considered by some a lewd or immature response or opinion. It happens.”

Even though some of the fans reacted against the political statements of Axl Rose, some of the fans and fellow musicians defended him via their posts on social media platforms. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider was among the people who agreed with Axl’s opinion and showed his support with a recent tweet he posted on Twitter.

Here’s what Dee Snider wrote about Axl Rose in his recent tweet:

Brother Axl Rose, for what it’s worth, I stand with you.

The tweet Dee Snider shared received many responses from the fans who were confused about the real meaning of the tweet. Another rock icon Sebastian Bach, who is the frontman of Skid Row explained the situation with a rather harsh statement and wrote:

United States of America ended. Rock and roll doesn’t exist anymore. Look at your window.

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his official Twitter account below.