Deep Purple bass guitarist Roger Glover was recently interviewed by Detroit’s WRIF Radio’s Meltdown and talked about the upcoming album of the band named ‘Whoosh!‘ and exposed the latest details about how COVID-19 affected the recording process.

After the band has released the first-ever single from ‘Whoosh,’ almost every single feedback from the fans was pretty positive. Meltdown has asked how the coronavirus outbreak has affected the recording process of the album, Roger Glover admitted that the band has recorded the album far before the COVID-19. 

Roger also exposed the importance of meeting Bob Ezrin who is a Canadian music producer and keyboardist and also the man behind lots of bands like KISS, Pink Floyd and Lou Reed, who affected their music career.

Here is what Roger said:

“Well, it was recorded last year, actually, so the COVID thing didn’t come into it, although I have to say some of the lyrics kind of have a disturbing connection. Yeah, ‘Whoosh!’, 21st album, 50 years in the making. Every album is potentially our last album. We thought the last album was the last album, but there’s another one. So we just keep going. I remember Jon Lord once described Deep Purple as an atomic toy — it just keeps going.

Meeting Bob Ezrin changed everything eight years ago. He came to see us play in Toronto and we had a meeting with him the next morning and he just said some great stuff. He sort of encouraged us to be us: ‘You don’t need to write anything that you think people are gonna expect. Just stretch out and be yourselves.’ And that was great advice. And making the album was such a joy. They’ve all been a lot of fun.”

He continued by explaining how the band starts an album with just a simple idea:

“We don’t start an album with any kind of plan; it just happens, like life. We jammed for about eight, nine days — something like that — and we’d come up with a bunch of stuff and then pick and choose what we wanna work on. And it goes from there, and it sort of evolves.

We don’t write songs; we just let them evolve. Because the five of us are all throwing bits and pieces in towards it. We record all together in the same room; we don’t layer stuff. We’re a live band, and so we play live in the studio.”

You can watch the first single of the Whoosh right below.

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