In the recent interview with Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown, Deep Purple bass guitarist Roger Glover revealed behind the scenes of making one of the legendary songs of the band, Smoke On The Water.

In 1972, Deep Purple released an album named ‘Machine Head,’ and this was the first time they released Smoke On The Water. This song was so great that it’s considered one of the greatest rock songs in the world for most of the people, and it ranked around 50th place in the year-end charts in the United States.

Roger mentioned the times when they were in a casino in Switzerland for the recording, and said that a big fire forced them to stop recording. Afterward, they decided to record at a small theater.

He revealed that the police were knocking the door all the time because they were waking up the whole town during the recording session. Also, Roger stated that he is the one who came up with the name ‘Smoke On The Water.’

Interviewer said:

“Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul from Pantera told me one day in the studio that they learned that song, ‘Smoke on the Water,’ it was the first song they ever learned. And they said that’s a six-minute song turning into a six-hour jam session.”

Roger Glover replied:

“Yeah, it’s one of those riffs. The strange thing is: it came from nowhere; when that fire stopped us recording in the Casino, we decamped to a small theater nearby.

And we only managed to do one backing track, one quick jam, and that was that riff. And while we were recording it, the police rang the door and tried to stop us, we were keeping the whole town awake.”

He continued:

“And so by the time we continued, it was like five days later, we were short of a song, and we were like, ‘What’s that thing we did in the other place?’

And that coupled with – I came with the title ‘Smoke on the Water’ the morning after the fire, we needed the song so, ‘Why don’t we write just happened to us actually?'”

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