Ritchie Blackmore, former guitarist of the legendary band Deep Purple, shared a new message on his official Twitter account and paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen, who recently passed away because of the complications of throat cancer.

As you might remember, Eddie Van Halen once beat tongue cancer in 2002, after a long treatment of two years. Yet years after his recovery, it was discovered that Van Halen’s co-founder and guitarist once again is battling with cancer. His son, Wolfgang Van Halen recently broke the devastating news and announced that Eddie Van Halen has passed away due to his throat cancer.

After this shocking news, since Eddie Van Halen had been considered as one of the most influential guitarists in the world and had a huge impact on the music industry, his fans and people of music started to share emotional farewell messages for the iconic guitarist on their official social media accounts.

One of the recent celebrities to pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen is former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. Blackmore shared a post on his official Twitter page in order to remember the icon. He praised Van Halen and referred to him as brilliant and one of the nicest musicians. Blackmore also stated that Van Halen will be missed and remembered.

Here is what Blackmore said in his message:

Eddie was a brilliant guitarist who started a technique of guitar playing emulated by a generation of guitarists. 1 of the nicest musicians I’ve met in the business. Frank Zappa said he reinvented the guitar. I agree. He will b sadly missed but his legacy will always be remembered.”

You can see the Twitter post below.