Deep Purple’s former bassist Glenn Hughes shared a recent photo of himself with his late bandmate Tommy Bolin on his verified Twitter page, and he memorialized him with an emotional letter.

After Tommy Bolin left the group in 1976, the guitarist passed away after the overdose on December 4 of the same year in Miami, Florida. His beloved fans devastated after his unexpected tragic death.

Glenn Hughes, of course, doesn’t forget the death anniversary of his lovely friend, and he mourned him with a very emotional message.

Here’s what the bassist tweeted:

“I love you, Tommy. You live within me. Gone, but not forgotten August 1, 1951, December 4, 1976.”

A Twitter user named russell_e_west commented and said this:

“Only 25, such a tragedy.”

Another fan named tylermauds wrote this:

“The life of a dreamer exists as a candle with an eternal flame – to always light the way for those in life that love, and to love them in return. Tommy is with you, Glenn. friendship is an everlasting part of the soul. may the memories, the music, and the love live on forever.”

Check out the tweet below.