Former Deep Purple singer Glenn Hughes recently opened up about his 9 favorite songs from artists he previously worked with during an interview with Louder Sound. Apparently, his list includes ‘No Stranger To Love’ which made his tenure with Black Sabbath possible.

Black Sabbath released its twelfth studio album, ‘Seventh Star,’ on January 28, 1986. The record was originally written, recorded, and intended to be the first solo album by lead guitarist Tony Iommi, but later joined the band’s catalog.

Despite the issues behind the release’s production, the album achieved reasonable commercial success, reaching number 78 on the Billboard 200 chart. Many music critics were divided into two as some praised it saying it’s an underrated album while some thought it missed the target.

Glenn Hughes took the lead singer parts in the album and toured with Black Sabbath while promoting ‘Seventh Star.’ However, he only performed for six shows with the band after an injury from a confrontation with Black Sabbath’s production manager John Downing at the time.

During a recent interview, Glenn Hughes named ‘No Stranger To Love‘ as one of his top 9 songs from bands and artists he worked with throughout his music career of 54 years. The song is from the album he made with Black Sabbath, and the signer revealed the story behind it.

Apparently, Hughes wrote the lyrics at the control desk of the stıdio with Tony Iommi, and it was the first song he sang on that album. Following the success of the three songs he recorded with the guitarist, Iommi ended up asking him to sing the rest of the album which wasn’t their initial plan.

In the article, Hughes said:

“I went to the studio with Tony Iommi and he showed me a demo of the song. It was the first song I sang on the album. I wrote the lyrics at the control desk and we went ahead and recorded it.

I was only supposed to sing three songs for that album but after hearing ‘No Stranger To Love,’ Tony asked me to sing on the rest of the album.”

You can listen to ‘No Stranger To Love’ below.