Deep Purple’s English vocalist and songwriter, Ian Gillan, was the latest interview guest of Stephanie Nolasco of Fox News to expose his feelings about their fans who chose to film their whole concert on their cellphones, despite watching it with their naked-eyes.

As you might already know, Tool and Maynard James Keenan are really strict about their ‘mobile phone’ rules and fire the fans who consistently using it despite all the warnings. However, Deep Purple seems not caring that at all.

According to Ian, he has begun not to care what the audience is doing during the concerts, and he used to the fans that film their live shows. Ian also admitted that mobile phones are like the modern versions of the lighters back in the ’70s and ’80s and it’s kind of amusing for the band members.

Here is what he said about the cellphones and if they’ve any plan to ban the use of it :

“Well, at first, it was weird. Why would someone film you at a show when they’re at the show and missing out on the experience? But generations change. It became pointless to try and resist that tidal wave.

We kind of got used to it. In fact, it became amusing to see everyone holding up their phones in the air when, back in the day, it was lighters.”

He continued:

“Initially, I didn’t understand why everyone had to share everything and be in constant communication. But [with this pandemic], thank goodness for it.

Because my phone hasn’t stopped ringing thanks to friends and well-wishers from around the world. I may not always understand it, but I’m too old.”

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