The official Instagram account and the website of Def Leppard made a new announcement today and revealed the winner of the ‘Def Leppard Rock Brigade Bracket’ contest that aimed to choose the best Leppard song ever.

As you may already remember, Def Leppard started a contest earlier this month to know which Leppard song reigns supreme. The fans filled out the official Def Leppard song bracket for a chance to win a grand prize. At the end of the contest, ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and ‘Photograph’ went to the final, and fans chose ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ as the best Leppard song ever.

After announcing the winner, over 20K followers of Def Leppard liked the post, including Queen co-founder Brian May. However, most of the fans thought that if you are a real Leppard fan, ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ is not your favorite tune.

Here is what’s written in the caption:

“You voted – and the Rock Brigade Brackets winner is… POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!

Here’s your favorite song through the years…”

You can watch the video below.