Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen compared the performances of Van Halen and Black Sabbath during a recent appearance on Pat’s Soundbytes Unplugged.

Rick was recalling the day when he listened to Van Halen’s record and said that his friend wanted him to check out Van Halen. After listening to them, Rick mentioned that he got blown away.

Furthermore, Rick pointed out that Van Halen was an opening band for Black Sabbath a couple of months later, and he revealed that Van Halen was better than Sabbath even though they were the openers.

While Rick was saying that Van Halen should have been the headliners of that show instead of Black Sabbath in the conversation, he also showed his respect for the Black Sabbath by saying that they were also great in the event.

Rick Allen’s thoughts about Van Halen and Black Sabbath:

“My best friend, he calls me and he says, ‘I want you to come and listen to this record.’ So I go to his house and listen to ‘Van Halen I’ for the first time and was completely blown away.

A couple of months later, they’re coming through town with Black Sabbath – they’re opening for Black Sabbath. And quite honestly, Van Halen owned that show.

The Black Sabbath camp, you could see the wheels kind of coming off. But, yeah, Van Halen, they should have been the headliner.”

Later in the conversation, Rick also revealed that he’s a huge fan of Van Halen, and that’s the reason why he painted Eddie Van Halen to pay his tribute to the legendary guitarist after his passing.