Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen spoke in the recent interview with Eddie Trunk and revealed what he learned from The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards while laughing at him after he gave a golden-worth advice to him.

In the conversation, Phil mentioned the quote of Keith, which he was saying that he loves weaving sonic tapestries with Ronnie Wood, and admitted that they were laughing in the first place.

However, Phil stated that even though they mocked these words of Keith, they ended up doing the same things with the band. Phil said that he is totally getting it now because there are lots of varieties in the recording.

Eddie Trunk asked:

“Did you and Steve Clark immediately gel as a guitar duo or did you have to feel each other out for a little bit?”

Phil Collen responded:

“It was awesome. I mean, I knew him, he played very differently, but we got on really great. I think the main thing was, it was really obvious who was gonna do what, and Steve’s playing is great because it was very different from anyone I’ve ever met before.

It wasn’t standard; it sounded like Steve Clark. It reminds me of Jimmy Page. It comes in from a different angle or a different approach and everything, so it really was obvious who was gonna do what.

We really didn’t even think about it, and some things would be like, ‘Well if I’m gonna sing this part, I can’t play this at the same time, so you play that.'”

He continued:

“And then we kind of developed this thing for the next album, which would be ‘Hysteria,’ where it would be, you know, Keith Richards always says he loves weaving sonic tapestries with Ronnie Wood, and we didn’t understand, we’d laugh at it.

But I totally get it now – because you do it. Someone’s playing a lead line, the other one’s playing rhythm, a melodic counter rhythm or a cannon to it, all these different things, almost like one orchestra would do with different sections, you know?

You have a cello playing this, the violin playing this, and that’s really how we approached it for the next one, for ‘Hysteria,’ and then it became even more fun because we hadn’t really heard anyone do that…”

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