Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke in an interview with Music Radar, and mentioned about the equipments that he was using for his signature guitar tone.

Here’s the statement:

“I love the Engl Blackmore heads going into the 4×12 cabs with Vintage 30s. I use two heads on stage with Last in Line, my guitar going into a splitter box after the wah. It’s so simple, I can set it up myself!

I tracked [the new Last in Line album ‘II’] with the Engl, dialing it in more clean than I would for a gig. These parts were then double-tracked using either an old JTM45 or an amp by Naked – one of those boutique amps that looks like a vintage Marshall.

I really didn’t want it to get too saturated; that’s when it becomes metal and less rock. I love the power of AC/DC. You think it’s heavy, but actually, there’s not much saturation there.

That’s what gives you more punch. A lot of modern hard rock sounds too flappy for me. There’s too much high gain on the rhythm tracks.”

Interviewer said ‘Much like your debut, ‘II’ seems deeply rooted in that break point where rock starts blurring into metal…’, Vivian continued:

“It definitely is. I remember Thin Lizzy turning into metal in 1983 on that ‘Thunder and Lightning’ record. That’s when they moved away from rock into something heavier. On our debut, we tried to follow the same path that we did for ‘Holy Diver’ which was just going in and kicking around riffs.

This was also very organic – no-one came in saying they had this finished song; it was all about ideas, sparks, riffs, and even titles. That’s how the early Dio albums were crafted and that’s how we’d get the flavor of the band.

We wanted it to be old-school, not too much distortion on the rhythm guitars in favor of more clarity.It became the template we followed because this band essentially started out playing the early Dio songs just for fun. It’s a side-project, though very much a serious one in recent years.

A lot of songs would start on Vinnie’s [Appice, drums] massive grooves because he’s such an inspiring drummer…”

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