The official and verified social media accounts of Def Leppard sent new posts on Instagram and Twitter simultaneously to share the news that the guitarist of the band, Phil Collen, was selected as the fittest rock star in the world at the age of 63.

‘Terror Twins’ co-founder and Def Leppard guitarist since 1982, Phil Collen had performed with a bunch of glam metal bands prior to joining Def Leppard. In 1980, Collen has decided to quit alcohol and adopted a healthy lifestyle. Since then, he works on his exercises, his diet, and overall health for many years. He also made a ’30 Day Fitness Challenge’ via Def Leppard’s official website for his fans last year.

According to the recently published article of Inside Hook, Phil was selected as the fittest rock star alive, and he was also interviewed by Kirk Miller. The 63-year-old guitarist also shared the formula of being so healthy and fit at that age.

Phil Collen of Def Leppard said that:

“Right now I don’t feel drained or tired, and I used to work out way more. Now I just do about 45 minutes a day and maybe a little cardio.

My Muay Thai coach would train me like I was going into a fight, 12 three-minute rounds in pads, then 30-second breaks but I’d have to do push-ups during the breaks. That’s a hard routine to maintain.”

Here is what’s written on the post of Def Leppard:

“Do you agree with Inside Hook – is our very own Phil Collen is the World’s Fittest Rock Star? Check out their new article and interview with Phil all about his health + fitness for Phil’s workout tips!”

You can check out the tweet right below.