During the recent interview with Chronicle Live, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell talked about his battle with cancer.

He said that ‘the cancer is still there, but I can manage it’. Here’s the statement:

 “I’m very fortunate insofar as three and a half years ago I came across some new clinical research linked to a trial. I really didn’t want to go down the radiotherapy road for a variety of reasons. I’d been through the rigors of chemo and it was hardcore.

There were times when it was extremely difficult to get on stage and do a gig. But for the most part I was thankful that I could still work. Then I discovered the trial.

It was primarily aimed at patients who’d relapsed and after a week or two I found out that I was eligible to take part. Fast forward to 2018 and the drug used in the trial has become legally available across the board.

From my point of view, it’s controlling the cancer. The cancer is still there, but I can manage it. For some reason, the side effects that I’ve experienced are minimal and my doctors are happy for me to continue down this road. The most difficult part is scheduling the infusions and fitting them around my touring commitments.”

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Two days ago, Def Leppard officially announced that they will be inducted in to the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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