Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed recently by the City of Hope. Campbell shared the details about his long-time battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and he also compared his pembrolizumab infusions with chemotherapy.

Here is Vivian’s statement:

“Compared to chemo, it’s [infusion] so easy. I’ve had practically no side effects. The hardest part of it for me to this day continues to be the scheduling because I travel so much for work.

I consider myself very, very fortunate that I’ve been able to find this treatment that I’ve responded to so well. Being able to continue my life and continue my work I think has been a big part of being able to come through all of this.

My work is what keeps me alive. My bandmates initially wanted me to stay home and convalesce. I’m stubborn and I’m Irish and I never wanted to do that. I’ve always refused to capitulate to cancer. I just wanted to give cancer the big middle finger and go on.”

“I’ve always been a glass-half-full kind of person, but now with cancer, my glass is brimming. You really kind of recalibrate your thinking about each and every day in the life.

You look at your life a different way and you look at your priorities a different way. It helped me become a better guitar player. It helped me look inward. … It’s just been good for me.

I kind of always look at it as when life gives you these sorts of obstacles, you have two choices. You can give in or you can fight, you know?

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