In a recent interview that released on Def Leppard’s Youtube channel, guitarist Vivian Campbell explained why they covered Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus.

He also revealed why he doesn’t want to play AC/DC or Queen songs. Here’s the statement:

“Mike sent out an e-mail to all of us, asking us to come up with an idea of a song, a cover song, for the Spotify sessions. They wanted a classic Def Leppard song, which we decided was gonna be ‘Hysteria’, and something that was a little bit outside of our genre — not a hard rock band.

Don’t be covering AC/DC or something like Queen or whatever. My first choice was ABBA. I thought that we would rock the hell out of ABBA because of our vocals. So I wrote back to everyone. I said, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ by ABBA. I think we could do a good rock version of it.

Plus, there’s a little harmony line in it, an instrumental line, that would have been a great rock guitar line. I know it’s a bit of a happy song, but I think we could have darkened it up a bit. Anyway, that got shot down in flames. But, fortunately, my second suggestion was, ‘Why don’t we do ‘Personal Jesus’ by Depeche Mode?’ And everyone picked up on that.

So, we did it. And, to be honest, it was probably a much, much easier song to do than anything by ABBA. But I still think we could rock the shit out of ABBA. Someday.”

You can watch the video below. Click here to source of the statement.

Listen to Lef Leppard’s Personal Jesus cover below.