Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke in an interview with Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice, and shared a new update about his current health status.

He said that ‘I’m tired today I got another infusion yesterday’, and continued:

I’m supposed to do them every three to four weeks but given the touring schedule particularly last year with Def Leppard I had to push it to six to seven weeks. I’ve been very fortunate that I found a treatment that works for me. I was part of a clinical trial for this new wonder drug almost four years ago and now it got FDA approved and it’s working for me, so it’s holding everything in place.

Also it has minimal side effects, it’s immunotherapy a general term given to a bunch of these new drugs that basically bolster the immune system and the body and so your body can fight cancer. My oncologist seems to be happy for now. I feel very fortunate as there’s only about a third of the population who actually has been able to use this drug and get good results from it because it’s based on your genetic makeup.

You have to have a certain genetic marker in order to be given this drug, something called PDL, which I happen to have and about a third of the population has as well. This drug will be given to people regardless of what your what kind of cancer you have, as long as you have this PDL. So if you have lung cancer or in my case lymphoma it will yield good results.

When asked about what it was like to work with producer Jeff Pilson on the New Last in Line Album coming out on Feb 22 2019, Vivian said:

“Jeff has so much energy. Jeff is very upbeat, funny, it’s always a better room when Jeff is in it. Jeff’s musical talent is quite diverse too, he’s a lot more than a bass player, he plays keyboards, guitar and sings.

He is also a very experienced and talented songwriter, engineer and producer, just a really really well-rounded very talented artist. It’s always a pleasure to work with Jeff, the hardest part about working with Jeff is just nailing him, he’s so busy and that’s true of all of us.”

Listen to the entire interview below. The statements transcribed by Jimmy Kay.