During a recent interview with ‘Rock Hard With Jay Conroy,’ Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott talked about Aerosmith and shared his thoughts on Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.

In the statement, Joe Elliot mentioned the people who compare Aerosmith to The Rolling Stones. According to Joe, Aerosmith is so unique because of the singer Steven Tyler.

Here’s what Joe Elliott stated:

“Aerosmith is so uniquely them. I remember people used to compare ’em to The Rolling Stones, because of the sloppy thing, and more likely because of Steven’s [Tyler, vocals] lips.

But I didn’t hear them as The Rolling Stones. Maybe a little bit — yeah, probably the attitude — but musically, they were very different. And what Aerosmith does is so unique. They own it.”

He continued:

“We did some shows with them in South America in 2017, and specifically, two of ’em were probably the best rock shows I’ve ever seen. They were just on fire. When they get it right, my God — they’re unstoppable. They are a force of nature.”

You can watch the full interview via Youtube below.