The legendary star of Def Leppard, Joe Elliott, had a recent interview with ‘Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon’ and revealed what feels about the former producer of the band, Mutt Lange.

As you might check out the statements of Joe right below, he indicated that they wanted to utilize the power of a band like AC/DC, and Peter helped them to do like that.

In Case, things didn’t go well after all of the conversations they had.

Here is what he told:

“Well, don’t forget – before AC/DC, Mutt Lange had some UK success, at least with bands like City Boy, Boomtown Rabble… a band called The Motors – he did their first album.

So he only really just moved to what you’d call ‘massive success,’ but it was more a case of right place, right time.

Mutt Lange was AC/DC’s producer when they were out on their ‘Highway to Hell’ tour, and we got the support slot on the ‘Highway to Hell’ tour because we ended up with the same management as AC/DC.”

He continued his statements:

“By the time we got onto the ‘Highway to Hell’ tour, we were kind of on trial to see how good we were.

We were kind of on-board and Mutt would come to see AC/DC and Peter Mensch, who was our representative, begged Mutt to come to watch the band, he was already in the building, so he said, ‘Will you come and watch my new singings?’

And Mutt saw us, and in his words that he said that night, which was at the Bingley Hall in Staffordshire, he said, ‘I saw a rough diamond, I saw a massive potential that needed a really good polish.’

And he loved the idea of us being this piece of clay, I suppose, that he could mold a certain way. We had some great riffs, we had some great melodies, we had some great vocal ideas, we wanted to utilize the power of a band like AC/DC but use the kind of dynamics and melody of a band like Queen.

And if we could kind of mold them together, and I think Mutt was looking for a band that was willing and able to be that band, and that was us. We were 15-16-17-18-year-old kids and got the opportunity to work with Mutt Lange.

You take it, you don’t look that gift horse in the mouth, you sign that particular contract there and then sort of thing.”

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