Def Leppard’s well-known musician, Vivian Campbell had a new interview with Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation on SiriusXM this week and shared the recent details about the recovery process after having back surgery.

As you will read his statements below, Vivian stated that he’s recovering fast and doing great nowadays.

As we will remember, Vivian passed a really hard time after diagnosed as cancer.

Here is that part from the interview:

“My back is the issue at the moment. I did spine surgery last Wednesday, so I’m sitting here with an ice pack and a back brace on.

So I’m a little concerned about that. It’s gonna be difficult for me to do these next couple of weeks’ worth of shows. I’m gonna be moving very slowly.

But I know that I can get on stage and I can play guitar and I can sing, so that’s all I need to do. It’ll be the travel in between that’s gonna be extremely uncomfortable.”

He continued:

“As far as the cancer, I’m just doing these infusions. I go back to City Of Hope tomorrow and get another infusion. And that’ll keep me right for another three to four weeks. It’s just maintenance. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned.”

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