The iconic frontman of Def Leppard, Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone and revealed his thoughts on Mötley Crüe’s return.

As you might check out the statements of Joe right below, he stated that Mötley Crüe was on the road too much and Crüe members had really serious issues with each other for a while.

Here is what Joe told:

“Five years ago, I kind of sniggered into my cup of coffee, like, ‘Yeah, right. I told Nikki that when he signed it, ‘You guys are just Bowie, Sinatra, Cher, all rolled into one.’ It’s theater. And those guys are theatrical. Contracts are there to be torn up. That’s what they are. People break them all the time in sports. Why can’t you break one in music?”

Joe continued and shared really untold details about Mötley’s return:

“Look, they weren’t getting on. They didn’t like each other. They were on the road too much. They were going through personal issues with each other. They have come to realize, after five years apart, that if they had just paced it differently, like we do, maybe things would have been a bit different for them. But we all get to the end game different ways. We got to ours by sticking together and pacing it a certain way.

They got to their end game — if it is even the end — by going away and coming back with a big bang. We never had the benefit of a big bang because we never went away. Everybody has their own different story, but unless you go down in a plane crash, nothing is ever that final.”

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