Today, Def Leppard’s official Instagram page uploaded some really special and sexy photos of the band’s iconic guitarist, Philip Kenneth “Phil” Collen when he was performing on the stage.

The guitarist, Phil Collen was looking very attractive and crazy in the photos, and his fans, especially women have surprised after seeing these photos. Also, Mötley Crüe‘s talented drummer, Tommy Lee liked these photos.

The Instagram page of the band captioned that message with the photos, and they asked a question to fans:

“Phil’s secret to staying fit 🥊 working out even while backstage! What’s your new year’s resolutions?”

A fan named clark.savage.leppard.girl has gone crazy:

“Looking awesome Phil 😮🔥💥🔥😍.”

Another fan named khlqris said that to Phil:

“Phil inspired me to work out- and I’ve lost 60 pounds and changed drastically! ❤.”

Jikki_sixx commented:

“Okay question can for the whole tour can all of y’all keep y’all shirt off 😏🤷‍♀️🤣just saying especially Nikki god help me.”

You can see the special photo of Phil Collen right below.