Def Leppard announced via a new Instagram post that they released a new single from the upcoming album ‘Diamond Star Halos.’

Since their formation, Def Leppard has established itself as a massive part of the new wave of the British heavy metal movement in the early ’80s. They are considered one of the most significant contributors to the genre. The band has been standing strong since 1977 and is still active in its performances.

After their self-titled album in 2015, Def Leppard hasn’t released a new album. Following a long break, they announced a new album, ‘Diamond Star Halos’ in March, and it will be released on May 27. The band released their first single, ‘Kick’ from the album to give a taste of the rest of the tracks.

Only a few days remained until the release of the whole album, and the band decided to put out another single, ‘Fire it Up‘ from ‘Diamond Star Halos.’ Recently, they have announced the release from their official Instagram account. They wrote a line from the song and asked their fans to write down their favorite line in the comments section.

The band’s caption said:

“‘Fire it Up.’ The latest single from ‘Diamond Star Halos’ is out now!

‘Blow a hole in the sun ’till you get what you want.’

What’s your favorite line from the song? Drop it in the comments!”

You can listen to the new single below.

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