While Def Leppard is getting ready for the constantly rescheduled Stadium Tour, they decided to release a new album to entertain their fans. Their latest single, ‘Take What You Want,’ was recently released, as the band announced on their Instagram account.

Formed in 1977, Def Leppard released 11 studio albums, the last one being in 2015. After a seven-year wait, the band decided to release a new album in 2022. The album ‘Diamond Star Halos’ will be released on May 27, but instead of making the fans wonder about the album’s sound, they decided to give sneak peeks by releasing singles from the record.

The band first released ‘Kick‘ from ‘Diamond Star Halos’ on March 17 as their initial single to represent the album. ‘Kick’ is the second track of the 15-track record, and the band didn’t make their fans wait a lot before releasing another single.

Moving forward to the album’s release, Def Leppard gave their fans another surprise by releasing ‘Take What You Want,’ the debut track of ‘Diamond Star Halos.’ The band announced it on their Instagram account and invited their fans to listen.

Here is the caption of the announcement:

“‘Take What You Want.’ The new single from our upcoming album ‘Diamond Star Halos’ is out now! Listen now and drop your favorite lyrics in the comments below.”

The fans mostly stuck on one joke and stated that they wish they had a way to tattoo a song. Some even said that they want to get it tattooed in their eardrums. The band will also be delighting fans on the Stadium Tour, including Motley Crue, Joan Jett, and Poison which will commence in Summer.

You can listen to the newly released single below.

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