While the whole industry cries over the unexpected death of Pete Way, the founding members of the English rock band Def Leppard, Joe Elliott has written a touching letter after losing Pete and showed his respect to the legend one last time.

As you may remember from the recently published articles of ours, you may follow that the iconic bassist of UFO, Pete Way, was struggling with critical injuries since he had a though accident back in July. Unfortunately, he had lost his battle with war this week and saddened the whole community.

Since Joe does not have any official Instagram account, he spread his message to Pete using Def Leppard’s official Instagram page and exposed the details of their relationship.

While calling Pete as a complete lunatic, he also remembered how great and totally lovable character he is. Instead of giving away specific details, Joe recalled the days they’ve laughed and cried together during the tour.

Here is the recently published letter of Joe to Pete Way:

“I’m heartbroken at the news of the passing of our old friend Pete Way especially coming so close to that of Paul Raymond & Paul Chapman. I’d known Pete since 1980 when I went to see UFO & GIRL play together at the Sheffield City Hall & we were mates ever since…

We’ve played together, laughed & cried together, done naughty things together but beyond all of that he was a genuinely great guy, a complete lunatic, but a totally lovable character, a proper rock star who burned to candle way beyond both ends but certainly brightened the lives an of a lot of people along the way.

Rest in peace, my friend…

You can see the latest Instagram post of Def Leppard’s official Instagram page below.