During the recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott remembered the time when they collaborate with Taylor Swift.

He also revaled why he refused to work with Bon Jovi. He said:

“We’ve always been that poke-noses-out-of-joint kind of band. I loved the idea of something that’s gonna either piss people off or they go, ‘Good for you for doing something different.’

If you’re gonna do collaborations, I don’t see the point in us doing a song with Bon Jovi… It’s like, I’d prefer the idea of Jon Bon Jovi doing a song with like, Tom Waits. Us doing something with Loudon Wainwright III or Leonard Cohen. Somebody completely off the wall. Or Elvis Costello and Motörhead. Can you imagine what that would sound like?”

A week ago, he talked with Billboard and explained his thoughts about late bandmate Steve Clark. He said:

“The Steve that I knew, which was for more than 13 years, I think he’d enjoy it. It’s a difficult question since a lot of what we’ve done to get where we are we did with Steve. And then everything since then has been building the fan base. It’s kind of like asking what Peter Green would think of Fleetwood Mac getting in.

I think if this was to happen to 1988, Steve [would] be like, “Yeah! Awesome!” If a 60 year-old Steve were around today, I don’t know if he’d care. I don’t know. It’s an impossible-to-answer question. I’m just speculating.

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