Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was the recent interview guest of Dr. Music this week and talked about writing a book about losing his arm and inventing an instrument to continue his career.

As you may follow Rick’s career, he was the drummer of Def Leppard for six years just before he had a terrible car accident with his ex-girlfriend Miriam Barendsen in England. After the accident he had with his Corvette C4, his doctors decided to amputate his left arm to prevent the sprawl of the infection.

While most Def Leppard and Allen fans thought that his drumming career is over, he managed to continue playing with the band after he invented an exclusive electronic drum kit. He played with the band in 1986, two years after the accident, and continued playing with Def Leppard for more than 30 years.

In his latest interview with Dr. Music, Def Leppard drummer stated that considers writing an inspirational book that may share the process of how he managed to get back on stage after having such a huge accident and losing his left arm.

Here is what he said:

“I started one many moons ago but at that time, I think what the publisher was looking for was shock value. And I didn’t particularly wanna write that kind of book.

I wanted to write something that was more inspirational — something that delved into what it takes to go through what I went through and come out the other side with some sort of dignity and grace. So I may revisit that. But right now, I’m super busy with everything else.”

You can watch the interview below.