The official and verified Twitter account of the legendary music band, Def Leppard has posted a special photo of them with American pop singer, Miley Cyrus from their backstage at Iheart Radio Festival.

Here is what they wrote about it:

“That’s a wrap, #iHeartFestival2019 @RyanSebastyan.”

A Fan named Alesa Rose wrote a comment:

“The 2 artists that made me who I am. You can hate her all you want but I would NOT be the artist I am today without Miley.

She gave me my dream and Def Leppard are the ones who helped me pursue it. I don’t give a crap what anyone says, I will never be ashamed of who inspired me.”

Another fan named Terry Essence said that:

“Fantastic performance guys. Just proud I’m from that age of awesome!”

You can see the photo below.