Raised on Radio podcast has made a new interview with Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot, and they shared that interview on their Youtube channel.

In that interview, Joe has shared what he really thinks about David Bowie. And also claimed that David was not from our planet.

Interviewer asked:

“David Bowie – what did he mean to you in the ’70s?”

Joe responded:

“Well, there’s a moment in time with David Bowie, and I think somebody said to me, like, the 24th of June 1972, when he did ‘Starman’ on Top of the Pops. There are hundreds out there, no doubt, that remember that one specific moment, but I’ve seen it.

It’s actually documented by the likes of Morrissey, Boy George, Gary Kemp, and myself, when he flops his arm around [guitarist Mick] Ronson and he does the finger spin at the camera, we all decided to form a band there and then in our own little worlds,

When I first heard ‘Starman,’ I saw him, I was one of those believers that this guy is not from this planet, to see this redheaded guy wearing this swimsuit, he’s got this band all in these gold suits, they just didn’t look like The Tremolos.”

Click here for the source of the statement. You can listen to the entire interview below.