Def Leppard’s well-known frontman, Joe Elliott was the recent interview guest of Planet Rock’s Scott Colothan and revealed his thoughts on his bandmates from Def Leppard.

Here is what Joe Elliott said to Planet Rock:

“Boy, has this has been a long time coming?! Recorded in infrequent bursts of activity over a 5-year period whenever our respective motherships allowed,

I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with this album.”

He continued:

“I’m blessed to have worked with such a superb bunch of musicians on this collection of songs.

To a man, and woman (!), they completely got my vision of what I wanted us to convey on this record & as usual, working with a world class producer/engineer in Ronan McHugh has guaranteed the sound of the record to be top notch! I couldn’t be more proud.”

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