The well-known frontman of Def Leppard, Joe Elliott was the latest interview guest of the Music Mania Podcast and revealed the real reason of why the bands these days don’t make as many records as before.

He also looked to the current status of the music industry and revealed why touring became more important.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.

“The music industry, it’s moved on a little bit because the routine of tour sort of kind of went away over the last 15-20 years.

People don’t really buy music much, so people don’t make as many records. Touring has become way more important. You’re forever on the road and you’re in a different city every night, so we had to go to Vegas and do pretty much vastly different songs than what we’d normally play on a show.

We didn’t have a new album to promote so we could really go deep into the catalog. I changed it up every night, play a different set every night and pulled out some stuff that nobody was expecting.

It was just a joy to be able to do that, such a vibe, to be able to sleep in the same bedroom and still be playing shows, that was something that we kind of really didn’t do in 2013.”

He continued:

“We’re now doing it on a much bigger stage than we did back then and this time it was just a case of not concentrating on one record, but concentrating on the legacy that we’ve got, which is the entire catalog and digging so deep.

The only album that we didn’t really touch is the first album. We played pretty much something off every record, including songs we’ve never played live ever, so that was really exciting.”

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