Def Leppard’s well-known singer Joe Elliott and Mötley Crüe’s legendary bassist Nikki Sixx were recently interviewed by Classic Rock this week. Both stars revealed their thoughts about if they have any rivalry between them, as well as they’re loving each other or not.

As you may read the responses of these iconic musicians, Nikki and Joe claimed that they’re loving each other, and they don’t have any problem at all.

Joe also stated that people saying that ‘they feel threatened by Crüe’ are just entertaining the band.

Classic Rock asked this:

“Was there ever a rivalry between the bands?”

Nikki Sixx responded:

“No. I always loved Def Leppard. Back in the day before MTV, there wasn’t a cool rock station in LA for young bands, so we were out looking for vinyl all the time, and when I got Def Leppard’s first album [1980’s On Through The Night] it just jumped out at me.

You know, I made a Def Leppard playlist the other day with three songs from the first record on there, and they really sound good. Joe, you really should go and listen to your first record again.”

Joe Elliott chimed in:

“Yeah, people tell me that all the time. They’re always asking, “Are you guys playing Wasted tonight?” But we played Wasted at Download.”

Classic Rock asked again:

“Did Leppard ever feel threatened by the Crue?”

Joe Elliott responded:

“It’s funny. When we played together at Jack Murphy Stadium in ’83 that was our last American gig till ‘Hysteria’ came out in ’87. And then we saw the Crue and Bon Jovi and all these other bands come up.

We were watching MTV from Holland, where we were recording ‘Hysteria,’ and I remember thinking, ‘Christ almighty, they’ve taken our crown and we’re never gonna get it back’.

Of course, Bon Jovi came along and just blew everybody out of the water. And we saw ‘Home Sweet Home,’ which was just a fucking brilliant video. We’d see you guys between Lionel Richie and Madonna…”

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