In a recent interview with This Is Money, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has revealed the net value of his massive house in Dublin, Ireland.

Interviewer asked, “Do you own any property?”, Elliott responded:

“Yes. My home is a three-bedroom house with a granny flat annexe and a two-car garage with three acres of land, hidden away on the outskirts of Dublin.

It has got my studio in it and I own it outright. I paid 450,000 Irish pounds for it in 1988, which is the equivalent of paying £950,000 sterling for a property today. I have never had it valued, but to me it is worth millions.”

Interviewer said “What was the first paid work you ever did?”, Elliott responded:

“Working at a steel factory, Osborn-Mushet Tools, in Sheffield, at age 15. I was taken on as an apprentice for £8 a week and ended up the chief buyer at 17. I would buy everything the factory needed, from soap in the bathroom to stationery and overalls.

Then I got fired for playing cricket in the basement stores and smashing a window with a Bakelite knob.

I was already part of Def Leppard by then and we were gigging at night. Somehow I negotiated £500 as a redundancy settlement and I used it to buy a PA system for the band. I then got a job the next day as a driver for an ironmonger. That came in handy, too, because I used the van to go gigging.”

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