Joe Elliott, the vocalist of Def Leppard recently attended a podcast with Jeremy White and opened up about their process in writing the song ‘Rocket’ and how they weren’t trying to copy Bob Dylan.

The heavy metal band recently released their new Volume 3 Boxset which contained unreleased live songs, remastered audios, rare photos of the band, and many more. Joe Elliott attended The Jeremy White Podcast to talk about Volume 3 Boxset and then later on August 3, he attended the show again with his bandmate Phil Collen to talk about their song ‘Rocket.’

Elliott talked about what they consider to be important while writing a song. He stated that they give importance to the phonetics of the lyrics and that the song has to be phonetical. The singer also mentioned that even when a person who doesn’t speak English listens to it, they will love it.

Here is how he described their process fully:

“The bridge had got nothing to do with it lyrically but then the verses were all just like bands or fake bands like Benny and the Jets which is actually a song but it’s a song about a fake band called Benny and the Jets by Elton John. We wouldn’t name-check like ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen and ‘Jet Black’ was – I think – the drummer in The Shadows.

I mean, any phrase that worked we were totally nicking from the Marc Bolan school of songwriting where the phonetics of it was more important than the lyrical content. We weren’t trying to be Bob Dylan, we were trying to do the ‘Hubcap diamond star halo’ where it just sounds great no matter what language you’re listening to.

If some Japanese fan hears that they go sounds great even though they don’t know what it means. It’s not ‘Laurie Yellow Lorry’ or whatever it’s phonetically friendly. So that’s what we did on that particular song.”

You can watch his full explanation below.

You can listen to ‘Rocket’ below.