In a recent episode of the Speakeasy, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has shared his thoughts about their band name’s similarity with Led Zeppelin.

He talked about formative years of Def Leppard and said:

“We absolutely made it up as we went along. But we thought it was our destiny to be the biggest band in the world, and nobody was going to stop us. If you don’t dream like that when you’re 17, you’re never going to.”

When you work in the basement of a factory with no natural light … they were the days that made you want to be a rock star.”

On the origins of how they got their name, which started out as “Deaf Leopard”, he said:

“I just started making names up, out of boredom, I suppose. It sounded good, it looked silly … we didn’t notice that it looked like Led Zeppelin. Woops!” Fricke then asked about bassist Rick Savage having hired Elliott without hearing him sing a note. “I’m a good salesman,” Elliott asserted. “You wanna buy a vacuum cleaner?”

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Back in October 2018, he spoke in an interview with “All Things Considered” and revealed the story about where the name “Def Leppard” came from. He said:

“I came up with it in ’75 when I was still in school. It was in an art class… the great thing about art is it’s subjective, so you can talk to the teacher and go, ‘Look, I don’t want to do this bowl of fruit. Can I do a rock poster?’ I’d do that, and I spent the whole term just making up posters for bands that I’d like to see or wish I’ve seen.

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