Def Leppard’s iconic guitarist, Philip Kenneth “Phil” Collen has shared a new sexy photo of himself on Instagram.

As you can see at the bottom, he has pumped his chest and arm muscles to get a better appearance for the fans who attended Def Leppard’s latest show in Las Vegas.

Here is what Phil wrote:

“Las Vegas, NV. Getting warmed up by jake before hitting the stage tonight.”

Jeff Terlecki made a different comment:

“Damn dude is my childhood idol from my early days and he’s jacked and plays all my favorite childhood fav memorabilia songs. A real hero.

Still in great shape for his age. I started guitar from heros like him satch, eddie. Steve vai. True inspiration. Also an inspiration of staying strong healthy and in shape.”

Another fans said that:

“Oh Phil you make me feel bad put on a shirt lol. Love you man 🤘🏻.”

See the Instagram post below.