The official and verified page of Def Leppard has shared a new post on Instagram and made a bold statement about Iron Maiden rip-off criticism.

As we all know, there are allegations that Def Leppard was imitating Iron Maiden and their music style. It seems that this discussion will continue for a while, although the band does not agree with these claims.

In the caption of his photo, the page shared the harsh words of the band’s bassist Rick Savage about these harsh criticism during a recent interview with ‘Billboard,’ and he denied these claims by stating their music is not the same as Iron Maiden’s music style.

Here’s what Rich Savage stated:

“We didn’t agree that our music was anything like Iron Maiden’s and it became a little tiresome because everyone wanted to talk about that all the time when we didn’t feel like we fit the category.

To hear more from the band members about The Early Years, check out the Billboard article in the link in bio!”

A fan named mdleaton said:

“Great pic. Loved the R&R Hall of Fame speech too – congratulations boys🤘🏻”

Another fan named natalie_s_alexander wrote:

“So many good memories of my youth listening to you guys! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️”

See the Instagram post below.