Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke in an interview with Metal Wani, and descriped his feelings about Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Interviewer said:

“Congratulations, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Def Leppard will be inducted on March 29. How does it feel?”

Vivan responded:

“It’s not something that we’d spend a lot of time thinking about beforehand, but after it happened it’s, like, ‘Oh, yeah, well, that’s really cool.

And the more time passes and the more you get to reflect upon it, the more it kind of sinks in. It feels very grown-up, you know, I think it’s something that we deserve, to be honest.

The band has a legacy, the band’s been together for over 40 years and has created a tremendous body of work, so multi-millions of records around the world, we continue to refine our craft and our show, and it’s a good feeling.

Like I said, it’s not something that we would have spent a lot of time thinking about prior to it, you know, I think one thing that really resonates with us is the fact that we got the largest ever popular vote, that really kind of resonates with us.

Our fan base has always been very, very loyal, and that’s always been the award that we’ve always put our arms on. In terms of industry recognition, I’ve always felt that Def Leppard kind of got sidelined and ignored.

This goes way back to before I was in the band, you know. I was always a Leppard fan from day one. The first Leppard record I bought was the ‘Wasted’ single.

I bought every record after that. It’s interesting because this is a perspective outside of the band – before I joined, I remember in 1987 when the ‘Hysteria’ record came, I was completely dumbfounded as to why Def Leppard not only didn’t win a Grammy – they didn’t even get nominated for a Grammy.”

Listen to entire interview below. Click here for source. (Ultimate-Guitar)