Deftones recently posted a video on their Instagram page to announce the guitarist who will replace Stephen Carpenter throughout their summer tour.

Since 2019, the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. With millions of people who have died from the disease, the world came close to the edge of chaos. However, after the emergence of the vaccine, the restrictions have gradually eased. Thus, music acts can now perform in venues without much concern.

Although things are back to normal, Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter isn’t ready to hit the road yet. In a recent announcement on Instagram, Deftones announced with a video that Carpenter wouldn’t be accompanying them for their summer tour.

In the video, Carpenter said that he decided to play domestically for now as he is not ready to leave his home or the country yet. He then stated that one of Deftones’ fellow musicians, Lance, would be fulfilling his duties for the tour.

The band’s Instagram post read:

“As much as I would love to be on the road with my brothers, playing for all of our incredible international fans, I have decided to remain to play domestically for now. With everything going on in the world, I’m just not ready to leave home and leave the country yet.

I wish I could see each and every one of you, but for now, our good friend from Sacramento, Lance, will be fulfilling my duties. Although I’m watching from afar, I’ll be there in spirit with my Deftones family.”

The guitarist Deftones referred to as Lance is Lance Jackman, a guitarist who played with them for a couple of dates in the spring. Moreover, Carpenter doesn’t want to get vaccinated to be able to perform with Deftones since he’s an anti-vaxxer.