It was recently revealed that Deftones started working with former Marilyn Manson bassist Fred Sablan for their 2022 tour after they announced the departure of their bassist Sergio Vega.

Deftones is one of the most experimental bands that ever hit the metal genre and has been active since their formation in 1988, having created nine studio albums. The band’s most recent bassist Sergio Vega had been in the band for twelve years and contributed to four albums, ‘Diamond Eyes,’ ‘Koi No Yokan,’ ‘Gore,’ and ‘Ohms.’

Vega announced his departure from the band in March 2022, right before the pandemic delayed their tour began. They were supposed to hit the road to support their latest 2020 album, ‘Ohms,’ which will commence this month. The pandemic postponed this tour a couple of times, as it did for many musicians, and the fans are looking forward to beginning eventually.

Vega’s replacement on the bass came in fast, and it delighted fans knowing that former Marilyn Manson bassist Fred Sablan would take his place and begin the tour, as revealed by numerous sources. Sablan started working with Manson in 2010 and had created the album ‘Born Villain.’

He worked with Manson for four years, taking part in tours like Hey, Cruel World Tour, Twins of Evil, and Masters of Madness. Then he left the band in 2014 to continue his career with other various genre acts like hip hop’s Cage and the rock band Marriages.

In 2018, the bassist formed his punk hard rock band Heavens Blade. Together, they released the single ‘Spoiled Rotten’ and an EP in 2019 before the pandemic began. The bassist contributed to seven albums with various metal musicians throughout his career. He’s now with Deftones, and the fans are looking forward to what the Sablan will contribute next.

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