Dave Evans, who is the original singer of AC/DC, spoke in a recent interview with Leo Montero and revealed what he was thinking about the band in the early days.

AC/DC was grouping together in the first place back in 1973, and Dave Evans was the original singer of the band. But he replaced by the band’s legendary singer Bon Scott in the next year.

Although AC/DC is one of the best hard rock bands in the whole world if not the best, the band members seem like they didn’t imagine being such a famous and huge band back in the days.

In the conversation, Dave pointed out that they wanted to play internationally and worldwide from the start, but even though they had such visions, nobody expected AC/DC to become such a massive band like right now.

Dave Evans said in the interview:

“No one ever expected the band to be as massive as it became, but we did believe that we were gonna make it worldwide.

We already that mindset, to be an international band, but we never thought, of course, it would be as massive as it is.”

Afterward, Dave talked about his favorite song that he recorded with the band, and his answer was ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ which is a song from the T.N.T album.

You can listen to the song right below.