As you know, Metallica is among the most successful heavy metal bands in music history. In 1981, James Hetfield founded the band along with Lars Ulrich, and their sound placed them among the founding big four thrash metal bands alongside Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer.

With their successful career, Metalica became one of the most influential metal bands with numerous successful albums such as the 1986’s classic ‘Master Of Puppets.’ Being active since 1981, they have released ten studio albums and four live albums. Moreover, they have won nine Grammy Awards and received 23 nominations.

Although James Hetfield is praised for his riffs and songwriting skills, it appears that some Metallica songs are apparent ripoffs from other bands. Let’s find out more about the songs Metallica was ‘influenced’ by.

The Songs Metallica Ripped Off From Other Bands

As you may know, Metallica appeared in the music scene by playing covers. They mostly covered songs by lesser-known bands and did this for a reason. Apparently, they never felt the need to state if the songs were covers so that the audience assumed they belong to Metallica. Therefore, this contributed to the band’s popularity.

Eventually, they started to produce original songs. However, some of them were still not that original as they just sounded like ripoffs. For instance, their ‘Sanitarium’ appears to use the main riff of a Bleak House song named ‘Rainbow Warrior.’ Moreover, it is argued that the opening riff of Metallica’s hit song ‘Enter Sandman’ was stolen from an Excel Song named ‘Tapping Into The Emotional Void.’

In addition to that, it is claimed that their ‘The Day That Never Comes’ shares the main riff with Satriani’s ‘Chords Of Life.’ However, despite those claims, Metallica went on to rip off more songs, including one from Pearl Jam.

Metallica’s ‘End Of The Line’ Is Similar To Pearl Jam’s ‘Why Go’

Apart from these songs, Metallica was also inspired by Pearl Jam’s ‘Why Go’ while making the ‘End Of The Line.’ However, it seems like they weren’t just inspired by it but actually stole the song’s opening riff.

‘End Of The Line’ was featured in Metallica’s ninth studio album, ‘Death Magnetic,’ which was released in 2008. The song in question, ‘Why Go’ appears in Pearl Jam’s debut album ‘Ten.’ Considering that ‘Ten’ was released back in 1991, it seems it is possible for Metallica to rip off that song.

As you may have noticed, the riff from Metallica’s track seems identical to Pearl Jam’s ‘Why Go.’ The similarity is so blatant that they are almost the same. As Metallica has numerous songs that are apparent ripoffs, this similarity doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Below, you can check out the similarity yourself.