Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares announced that they agreed with another singer who will be replacing Burton C. Bell during a recent interview with Bucketlist TV.

Burton C. Bell is the co-founder of Fear Factory, who had been singing for the band since their formation. However, the 52 years old singer announced his departure from the band in September 2020 due to ‘consistent series of dishonest representations and unfounded accusations.’

Even though Burton announced his departure last year, his vocals remained in the newest studio album of Fear Factory that was released in June 2021, ‘Aggression Continuum,’ because he recorded the vocals back in 2017.

Following Burton’s departure, Fear Factory had been looking for a replacement. Even though Dino said he is more interested in hiring a female vocalist, he recently confirmed that the new singer is a male.

Furthermore, Dino mentioned that the new singer is ‘kind of known’ in the community and has some experience as well. Besides that, Dino pointed out that he will reveal the new singer with the release of a new song in the near future.

Dino Cazares talked about the new Fear Factory singer:

“For those of you who don’t know, our singer quit after 30 years, so I’ve been looking for a new singer. And I’m first here to tell you that I have definitely nailed it down to one person. I’m not gonna reveal who that is yet — not yet.

Once I’m done, I’m gonna go back to L.A., back to the studio, and I’ll be writing some new Fear Factory songs with the new singer, because I’d like to introduce him with a new song.

I auditioned a few women, yes. But it didn’t work out — not because they were female or anything like that. Because I wanted to pick whoever was best for the position, and it turned out to be a guy.

I was looking for all different. Sure, if the guy turned out to be, or the girl turned out to be, someone that nobody knew and I gave ’em that shot, yeah, great. I was open to all of it, is what I’m saying. Male, female, whatever, known, unknown — I was open to all of that. And it turned out to be somebody who is kind of known, I guess. Kind of known. He does have experience.”

You can listen to the full interview below.